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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2012 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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do you want to tell us a little bit about your -- >> good evening. we are located at 524 van ness, as jocelyn just mentioned. this used to be the palate -- california pizza kitchen. we have been open for about five months now. we are currently applying for a place of entertainment permit. the reason is because of the close proximity to city hall. we have been having a lot of couples coming by wanting to do right -- wedding receptions. the selling point is always whether we can bring in a live band or have a deejay. right now, we do not have the ability to do so. that is why we are applying for the permit. also, because of the close proximity of the theaters, you know, the opera, the symphony, and the ballet, we feel that having music or a d.j. adds to
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the experience of the patrons that are coming in for dinner to go to the theater and then come by afterwards. it adds to the experience. we understand we do have neighbors above, and the next closest neighbors are residents of the opera plaza. we have reached out to the property managers and let them know our plans, we are trying to do we have residents who frequent our establishment and have signed letters of support for what we are doing as well. we have reached out to the community leadership alliance to reach our to the community to let them know this is what we are trying to do. >> ok. commissioners, any questions? >> when did you do that meeting with the community, because it does not say on your application. >> it was just yesterday. >> which security company do you
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plan to use? >> we spoke with epic, which i believe is headed by john windsor. we will probably end up using him, or maybe a couple of other independent securities. >> i always ask this question. and obviously, the entertainment you will produce yourself in- house. when people have weddings and things, that is fine. but what happens if a registered promoter comes to see you and once you have an event at your facility? is it something you are engaging with or interested in? gregg's oh, definitely -- >> cooh, definitely not something we're trying to do. we understand that we were to get the license, is not a license to pretty much do whatever you want. we know we still have to answer
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to the entertainment commission and the police department. we have been open for five months. we are legitimate restaurant. we are not trying to wrap promoters come in and ruin the restaurant. -- to have promoter's come in and when the restaurant. we have workers at our establishment for lunch, happy hour, and i think that kind of speaks for itself. >> are you planning to set up a dance floor area, or just band -- dance floor? or just a band area? >> there may be a platform for a live band if we decide to go forward with a live band or a deejay. that is the only difference in terms of rearranging the furniture of any sort. >> any members of the public wish to comment?
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>> good evening, commissioners. my name is david. i am the director of community leadership alliance. we're the ones who have the party bus meetings yesterday. i want to speak on this applicant's request for entertainment permit. our organization for a good number of years has been facilitating committee out reached for liquor license and entertainment permits. this started with our chairperson, commissioner fallon. >> we need you to speak to this issue only. >> i'm going to get there. >> i will give you a little leeway.
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>> this particular act -- african went above the call of duty in reaching out. he afforded us an on-site visit -- this particular applicant went above the call of duty in reaching out. he afforded as an on-site visit of the place. he has been a vital part of our community improvement. we supported his application. that is where i was going. gregg's ok. i did not know where you were going. -- >> ok. i did not know where you're going. that is fine. [laughter] yes, sir, welcome. >> good evening, commissioners. i live in the building directly above, a few floors up from this location. it is such a pleasure to be there at the entertainment commission. the meetings are actually
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entertaining. [laughter] this location has been open for five or six months. before that, it was just a close to location. well, it was an alley between mcalester and golden gate, perhaps because of the construction of the new federal building. the street lights have been out for quite awhile. it was very challenging and terms of the environment of that alley. people were camping there overnight. but fights, broken bottles, commotions were happening every night. the windows were broken in the alley. we opened this place and it got way better. but what we are missing there, we just need people being there after 8:00 p.m. when they have
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an influx of people coming to the opera. and the other performances. then it kind of died down. we desperately need not only for them to stay, which is challenging with the neighborhood that is closing down. it is an indicator that it is not easy to have a business there. at the same time, we need some people there because they are in the alley. i speak on behalf of a number of residents in the building. the we need people to be there, to be in that restaurant and if they step out even for a smoke or are just leaving, they will improve the quality of our living. it is one of the things that we are truly looking forward to, to enhance the experience of living there. it will definitely upgrade the standard of living there.
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we truly support the replication. i respectfully request you grant it. thank you. >> thank you very much. that concludes public comment. the item is now with the commission. any comments or questions or a motion? when you talk about -- >> when you talk about the alley, a true believer that poe's, especially on sixth or places like that, you know, other people might not think so, but having a night life type of restaurant with security helps to clean up the alleys, and also with doormen and things like that, you know, getting to their cars and keeping the panhandlers away. it really helps the
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neighborhood. i know at my club, we do that. we were modeled and we were not in the alleys anymore and when we got open, the neighbors were actually happy that we were open again. i think this is a good thing. remember, when we passed the other restaurant around the corner. this whole area needs to be revitalized. i motion to approve this permit. >> i second. >> from the days when they used to be stars and pizza oven and there was a place on the corner, i'd really lost a lot when all of those places closed down. this is a potential mass improvement for the quality of life for the businesses and residents in the neighborhood. >> i totally agree. gregg's did we get a motion? >> and a second. >> can i do same house, same
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call? >> ok, your past. good luck. all the successes. item number seat, -- a number c, chang, jim. >> commissioners, this item was posted and moved forward, but unfortunately, the planning department let us know rather late that this requires a 312 notification and it was filed today. we will keep this application -- we will see this application return in about 30 days, assuming there is no d.r. requestor. >> move to continue. >> second. brecht's same house, -- >> same house, call? >> do we need public comment? >> yes, you do.
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sorry. gregg's any public comment? -- >> any public comment? seeing none, will continue. >> same house, same call. >> got it. item number d, england, james, a goldstar bar, 1520 california, place of entertainment permit. >> this has a whole different back story that is not really important other than to tell you that this was an application posted and then a c requirements -- a cu requirement was unearthed. at this time, the applicant has been notified that the cu requirement has been in place. this is also an application for a billiard establishment.
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we are asking the commission to continue the place of entertainment permit to the call of the chair. it will reappear if the applicant does see you for entertainment. and you will see the billiard parlors -- parlor come back to you at the next meeting in two weeks. >> any public comment? seeing none, do we have a motion to call the chair? >> moved. >> second. >> same house, same call? >> yes. ok , e, -- item e, 1111 california st., place of entertainment permit. >> in april of 2011, this item was first before the
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entertainment commission as a place of entertainment at the sonic auditorium. some neighbors and organizations challenged the permit. since april, 2011, use of the masonic auditorium had been discussed in multiple environments. you'll see the pieces of paper in your binder to indicate the multitude of hearings and the outcomes of those hearings. the second generated, i think, 35 conditions. and that motion is 185 two zero. -- 18520. you can find that conversation, or at least be familiar with them. regulating the annual event hours to the occupancy and the alker all sales. -- alcohol sales. i also included the liquor
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license, which also included additional conditions. given the prior hearings on the use of the masonic auditorium, staff is confident that there has been a thorough process involving the applicant, and opponents to the application of the permit. the staff recommends approval of the permit, which obviously, the explicit incorporation of the conditions from the planning department -- of the conditions. but from the planning department, a reminder to abide by the conditions of the liquor license. the applicant is here to answer any questions. this is ongoing conversation. this is simply to approve the current year's as it -- current use as it has been for a number of years in san francisco. >> good afternoon. i am the chief operating officer for the northern california business units, as well as the 12 california businesses that
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live nation operates. we have been operating on masonic for three years with no significant incidents. when we first partnered with the masons, we did so because they wanted a personal event partner to could ensure that the venue was booked professionally and responsibly, and we believe that live nation provides both. the plot -- the masonic our arena is the only special events space in san francisco that sits at that capacity. unfortunately, many events are going to the fox theater in oakland. live nation has a long history of responsible event management come out managing the fillmore, punchline comedy club, the theater, and outside of san francisco, the shoreline amphitheater. and before that, bill graeme presents. we know how to work with our neighbors and we know the
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importance of working with our neighbors. every since we assume to be -- ever since we assumed the responsibility of the masonic, we have assured best practices for the building. after hours of negotiations with our neighbors, we have agreed to conditions that are the best of any i have dealt with in might 20 years in this business. in the past year, we have hosted president obama twice at the masonic. i do not know of another event that poses more logistical challenges and hosting the president. i am pleased to say that we have worked cooperatively with the san francisco police department to ensure successful gatherings. we provide dozens of union jobs, contribute to the city's tax coffers through paying parking taxes and bring business to hotels and restaurants.
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the city's nighttime economy value rings true and we are a long time part of san francisco entertainment and music history. i want to thank the board of supervisors, the mayor's office, the planning department and the planning commission for helping us to navigate this far. it has been a long road to come before you today. our business is music, special events and event management. we very much rely on our partners at city hall as we strive to keep the masonic alive. we currently have 12 conditions on the interim permits, and approximately 40 conditions on a conditional use permit, including conditions on the of all sales, curfew, maximum number of events, the security conditions, cleaning standards, load in standards as well as traffic mitigation standards. we appreciate your time tonight. we're certainly interested in any of your questions. >> commissioners, and the questions?
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>> with all of the conditions being placed on there, how do you feel about -- i mean, are you happy with the conditions being placed there? [laughter] >> i'm not sure happy is necessarily the best word, but again, we appreciate many of the neighbors' concerns. and we value our neighbors at all times. i understand a number of their concerns. we believe that what we have documented through the planning board of supervisors has addressed these issues. we know there are others that feel differently. >> i mean, are you willing to accept those conditions? brecht's absolutely, yes. live nation has now been through the planning commission tries and the board of supervisors price. when judge cosmit found that the puc was not valid, we continued
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to operate under the conditional use permit as it's still was based upon the condition because we believe it is a good neighbor policy to operate under those conditions. we operated in good faith during that time frame as well. >> ok, thank you. stand by, we will hear members of the public like to address this issue. >> my name is alex rosendahl. i'm the co-chair of the california music and culture association. as i think you know, we are an alliance of industry professionals, artist, and fans, dedicated to the preservation of music and culture in the state of california. we are here to support the masonic plc. the masonic is an historic venue for over 150 years. it is an important venue and plays an important role in san francisco's night by the economy, which we all know
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contributes 45,000 jobs and $4.2 billion a year into the overall san francisco economy. the safety and security, noise, traffic, and operations at the masonic have been negotiated with and approved by the planning commission and abc. you cannot be more rigorous in protecting the nob hill neighborhoods and masonic and libation have proven themselves to be. event spaces are a dying breed. preserving the entertainment experience is good for the long term community building. having the institution in hands of such a respected operations company will ensure vital performance is that only the masonic auditorium can support. we urge you to support the poe. thank you very much. >> and i apologize i forgot to call the police department before i took public comment. police department, would you
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like to comment on this? officer mathias again. officer matthias: steve mathias again. in looking at this, we have met with a multitude of city department and the board of supervisors. after much negotiation with neighbors, planning, the nob hill coalition, the board of supervisors, we have all come to an agreement as to how the masonic auditorium shall be operated. these conditions will ensure that all party sides are respected. these conditions will promote a venue that was strongly support the quality of life concerns of the neighborhood. -- will strongly support the quality of life concerns of the neighborhood. therefore, we support the approval with the list of conditions. this will promote compliance because there will not be different rules for different boards. the applicant will either be in compliance or they will not be.
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what we do not want is entertainment be either being more strict or less strict and people shopping for something so it is easier to enforce. if it fails to comply with any of the conditions, this is very helpful because the entertainment commission can address any issues. >> thank you. now we will continue comments from the public. welcome again. >> i will keep it really short. we are in support of this permit. although, since it has been playing out in front of the city, we have been trying to reach out to live nation for a community outreach presentation and they have been non- responsive to our requests. we have had several phone calls and the males -- we have tried
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with several phone calls and e- mail spirited -- e-mails. but again, we are supportive. >> corner this guy in the elevator on your way out. [laughter] thank you. yes? rex good evening, commissioners. i'm here on behalf of nob hill. we support the growth and vitality of the nob hill community. the major issue here is the judgment came down in april, 2011, which struck and revoked the conditional use permit that was it originally accepted by the board and planning commission. live nation and the masonic temple and the planning department and commission were required to go back to the court and present the continued findings to the court after approval. that has not been done. one of the requirement is that the california environmental
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quality act be complied with. that also has not been done. the fact that live nation and a masonic temple has sidestepped the ruling from april of 2011 is illegal and invalid. there was a lawsuit filed in may of this year. some additional issues that i would like to bring to your attention is that i requested a copy of the application so i could actually see the facts being presented to the commission. he refused to provide a copy to me. one thing i requested a continuation of this hearing stridency the actual request as presented. at issue is that there has never been a permanent liquor license within the masonic auditorium. it has only been a lot -- and enter a liquor license. that is currently an issue at the cac. there have been hearings held and the issue of a permanent liquor licence has not been resolved. in addition, there are security
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measures that need to be reviewed, parking, traffic, all of those issues that would be heard under ceqa, the california environmental quality act, that has again, not been reviewed by judge goldsmith. >> i have a point of information. first, we are not allowed to question public comment. but i need a piece of information. what you are opposed to is not their current existing use that has been in use since the 1950's. you are opposing the new use that they are proposing, correct? >> one of the issues that is before the court currently is that what the planning department and the board has said is a current use is an actual justification of the use. it is going from the numbers put forth by the planning commission, 52 live events. the planning commission will increase that to 68. >> the question is, there has not been a ruling on the current
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use, correct? >> in 2008, the conditional use expired. currently, there is no actual ballot use permit in effect. -- there is no actual valid use permit in the back. >> does the masonic auditorium have a current conditional use permit? brecht's i believe they do. >> any -- >> i believe they do. >> any other commissioners have questions? any more public comment? >> good evening, commissioners. my name is david. i'm the vice president of the nob hill association, the oldest residents association in san francisco. just short of 1000 members. you need to understand the strength of feeling from the people that live around here.
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you need to understand how deep, deep this really is. for three years, a david and goliath battle against one of the biggest multinationals in the world, a $5 billion company. we have fought steadily. whenever this city hall has given an advancement in their situation, the court of law has denied it. we are constantly requiring that they obey the law, not a lot more, to be honest. whenever you go with here, -- whenever you go with here, we will be going back to judge goldsmith. he knows what he is talking about. he understands the situation into medley well. -- internetly -- intimately well. you need to understand that 1000 people are in this organization. it was put to a vote and will
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have one person voting against. a motion of no support for allied nation. it is -- as a matter of intensification, we have no desire to close the building down or change its fundamental use. but we have a very strong desire and an unbreakable will to stop them from intensifying the use. we have put together a lot of information, i mean, hours, thousands of hours of work, identifying what the historical use it to the is. we believe the course of lob will understand that and return it to its historical use. that is what we are asking for. please15 days of hearings on thc did not result in a conclusion. three days of the general secretary being on the stand did
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not result in a resolution. this organization was not built, the building was not built for entertainment purposes, and the first five years of its existence, it did not have no female bathroom. no organization cannot have a female bathroom. they did not have female members. the masons did not allow it. it was not built as a place of entertainment. however, we understand in the modern world, there is a need for it, and a certain level of intensification. we will take this as far as it needs to go. we just ask for your open ears. presidents newlin: ok, i guess there is no ladies' night.